Astrofica Technologies is a fully black-owned satellite technology solutions provider. Our core skills reside in the assembly, integration and testing of satellite systems. 

Through our combined experience of over 26 years in the satellite  industry, we are able to optimize efficiency, profitability, and sustainability to our stakeholders and clients whilst creating long-term value for them.

Core to our strategy is our servant-leader approach which focuses primarily on the growth and well-being of our clients and the communities to which they belong. While traditional leadership generally involves the accumulation and exercise of power by one at the “top of the pyramid,” Astrofica strongly believes in sharing power, putting the needs of our clients first and helping them develop and perform as highly and efficiently as possible.


Our vertical competencies include the project management, planning and execution of high-technology programs together with experience and partners in supply chain management, procurement and manufacturing in high-technology industries including but not limited to aerospace, renewable energy, telecommunications, rail and transport.

At Astrofica we believe in combining proven heritage together with the introduction of new technologies or upgrades that are designed to achieve both product differentiation and low costs.


The changes implemented through our value innovation create new and improved elements for the product or service, but also result in cost savings by eliminating or reducing unnecessary aspects during the product lifecycle, all whilst ensuring a leap in value for our clients.


Astrofica has assembled a highly-qualified team of specialists with the relevant capabilities and experience to provide our clients with the best value and highest quality solutions. We are also as big as our collaborations which collectively brings more than 500 years of experience across the Space value chain.


Our multidisciplinary experience allows us to provide upstream and downstream clients with high-quality, cost-effective and sustainable solutions from exploration of system requirements and project feasibility analysis to integrated turnkey solutions and commercial operations.

We also understand the importance and value of training and knowledge transfer to our clients and provide general and client-specific professional development programs as integral parts of our overall value-add service.



Astrofica (name coined from Astro + Africa) was a dream by both Jessie Ndaba and Khalid Manjoo ever since they met as interns back in 2006 on the SumbandilaSat program, the first government satellite under the directorship of the Department of Science and Technology (DST) in South Africa. The two always shared similar values, aspiration and enthusiasm for how Space science and technology could impact socio-economic and human capital development on the African continent. Little did they know, the plan of the universe to converge their dreams under the Astrofica banner more than a decade later.

The value proposition of Astrofica resides not only in our satellite integration technical competencies gained over an aggregated 26 years of experience in the Space sector, but also in our unique business methodology. As proud products of the DST and industry, we often see Astrofica as an enabler to both Government and industry ventures as progressing Space science and technology in the country and continent is a big part of our vision and mission.


We are always excited to explore opportunities across the continent and partner with similar minded young entrepreneurs to together pioneer Africa and its people forward to its rightful place in the Global economy. 


We are proudly Astrofican ! 



Josie Rowe-Setz
NED: Strategic Sector Director
Jessie Ndaba
Co-Founder, CEO
The Queen of Astrofica
Linden Petzer
Linden Petzer
NED: ICT Director
Mavuso Msimang
The Chairman 
Khalid Manjoo
Co-Founder, CTO
Chief Satellite Whisperer
Janet Kluever
NED: Financial Director
Yusuf Patel 
NED: Social Impact Entrepreneur 
  • Extensive Public and Private Sector Leadership Experience

  • High Technology Specialists

  • Solid Financial and Business Strategy Focus with Blue Chip Companies

  • Strong Focus on Developing South Africa's Global Competitive Capabilities

  • Keen Transformation and Socio-Economic Development Objectives



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